October 15th

As of Oct. 15, The sick cat room is nearly full; sick cat foster homes are always needed. The healthy cat population is okay for space right now. The dog kennel space is more than 95 percent full and we could use help.

For more information or to help:

September 30th

As of Sept. 28, cats at the shelter are still VERY overcrowded. Besides healthy cats, we need help fostering or rescuing out cats who are mildly or moderately sick with upper respiratory illnesses. The sick cat room is 110 percent full. Dogs are above 95 percent capacity and we could use help. For more information or to help:

September 25th

Cats at the Burlington County Animal Shelter are critically overcrowded and in grave danger. Between today and Sept. 26, 2014, approved adopters can adopt a cat or kitten for free. For more information on how you can help, visit our emergency overcrowding page:

August 18th

FOBCAS is excited to introduce Dog Training 101 and 102 classes. The classes will be held every two weeks on Sunday afternoons.

July 16th

Does your dog go crazy when you leave home? Is your cat marking everywhere but the litterbox? From time to time, we all have questions about our pets. Our Animal Help Desk has many useful links to information and tips put together by experts for quick reading.


Oct. 25 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day! Bring your pit bull to the shelter for a costume contest, toy-making station and Halloween treats!

Ways to Help

There are many ways you can help the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter, including walking dogs, playing with cats, grooming the animals, posting pictures and bios of the animals online, fundraising, planning events, and, of course, donating money.