Snickers the handsome young chestnut/white pitbull

He came to the shelter in July of 2011 and was only recently adopted after spending a whopping 589 DAYS (over 1.5 years) kenneled there. Snickers started out as a very smart, driven, energetic dog who slowly grew sad and tubby in his kennel despite everyone's best efforts to keep him happy and healthy, but it was well past time for him to get out of the shelter when his adopters found him! Carlous and Juanita P. fell in love with our boy, and this is what they have to say now:

"Snickers has behaved beautifully so far....well beyond our expectations. He seems to very smart and picks up on things quickly. We found out on the first day that he loves to ride in a car. He loves to go for a walk and he is an "easy" walk for the most part. We put his crate in our bedroom for the first couple nights and he has been sleeping through the night with no problem. Snickers follows voice commands pretty good for the most part. He has attached himself to my wife Juanita and follows behind her everywhere. He is very affectionate and love to lick you.

One thing Snickers did have to learn was how to walk up and down stairs, but he picked it up after the first couple attempts. It's truly hard to believe that he has been locked away in a shelter for most of his life. As I am putting together this email Snickers is stretched out on the floor next to my desk, while my wife's church choir practices down stairs (he is attentively listening). Please let everyone at the shelter know that Snickers is doing fine and loves his new home."