Can you help us pay for Pebey's medical care?

Pebey the adorable puppy was adopted from the Burlington County Animal Shelter in June. He's a 7-month old pittie mix.

His family was playing fetch with him in the yard when Pebey landed on his leg awkwardly and broke his tibia (a bone in the lower part of his leg). Pebey's family took him to the emergency vet, who couldn't tell how severe the break was at the initial assessment. The vet recommended a consultation with an orthopedic specialist. It was possible that Pebey would need surgery to insert screws to hold his leg together; it was also possible that his leg would need to be amputated. Sadly, all the options discussed were much more expensive than Pebey's family could afford. So they surrendered their beloved Pebey to our group so Pebey could get the care he needed. Other than the broken leg, it was apparent that Pebey was very loved and well cared for by his family.

Happily, Pebey didn't need surgery, but he did need about $1,700 worth of medical care to fix his leg. He's also on strict crate rest for six weeks. He needs his bandages changed every week. We are thrilled to report that there seems to be no damage to his growth plate, so the vet thinks he will make a complete recovery and will walk normally. His family also is working to help raise money for his care and is looking forward to having him back once he is healed.

We've set up a fundraiser to help pay Pebey's medical bills. The lovable ball of fur steals the heart of everyone he meets. Any amount helps, from $5 to $25.

From all of us and Pebey and his family, THANK YOU!