Sweet Rainbow is heartworm-positive; can you help her get healthy and adopted?

Rainbow is a 2 1/2-year-old female shepherd/lab mix who came to the Burlington County Animal Shelter from South Carolina just after Hurricane Florence.

Please know that Rainbow was already at the southern shelter and up for adoption -- she is NOT someone's pet that was lost during the hurricane.

The Burlington County Shelter knew Rainbow was heartworm-positive and so asked our group to help pay for Rainbow's treatment so she could be pulled to make room for animals that were displaced by the hurricane.

We agreed (if we didn't Rainbow would not have been pulled) and are now asking for help to get this sweet girl healthy and ready for adoption.

We've set up a special fundraising page to pay for Rainbow's heartworm treatment.

So far Rainbow has had one heartworm treatment and she will need another treatment in 30 days. She also needs steroids and antibiotics to make a full recovery. Because crate rest is crucial for dogs recovering from heartworm, we also anticipate that Rainbow will need sedatives at some point.

Rainbow is living with one of our most experienced fosters while she recovers. Can you help us help this angel make a full recovery and find a loving forever home?

Any amount -- from $5 to $50 -- will help Rainbow.

Thank you!