Kennel Enrichment

Kennel Enrichment Volunteers

No matter how good a shelter is, it still isn't a home. Living in a shelter can be stressful for animals, especially animals who are there two weeks or longer. We like to keep the shelter animals happy and healthy until they're adopted. Enrichment is a huge part of a successful adoption program. Unhappy, frustrated or bored pets don't show well in their kennels and potential adopters can be put off by kennel-induced behaviors. Enrichment helps counter these behaviors by making the animals' environments more stimulating and challenging by using toys, puzzles, sensory games and other novel experiences. When animals are healthier and happier, they're adopted much quicker.

To volunteer with the Dog Kennel Enrichment Program, email Alice at .

To volunteer with the Cat Kennel Enrichment Program, email Dee L. at

Toy, Bed, and Enrichment Craft Workshops

This monthly class is open to all volunteers and their family members -- there are no age limits. You will learn how to make simple dog and cat toys from old t-shirts. To sign up, log on to Volgistics and click the My Schedule tab to view the calendar. Click on a Help Wanted sign to view the available classes. If you have questions, contact craft coordinator Joanna at

Craft Suggestions