TNR of Community Cats

What is TNR?

TNR stands for trap, neuter, return. It refers to the practice of trapping stray and outdoor cats, including feral cats, so they can be spayed/neutered, given vaccinations (rabies and distemper, usually), and returning them either to where they were trapped or to a colony where they can be managed and monitored.

TNR is a method of population control that is a humane alternative to the older model of trap and kill. Feral cats, semi-feral cats and many community cats can be difficult to adopt out and are euthanized. But these cats were never meant to be kept indoors as pets. The majority of community cats are surviving and thriving outside and we believe they should be allowed to remain that way.

Become a TNR Volunteer
The Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter receive requests from community cat caretakers to help TNR their cats. We get TNR requests that range from one cat to more than 50 cats. The Friends of BCAS has traps for our volunteers to use.

Would you like to join our volunteer TNR team? No trapping experience is required. You will shadow an experienced volunteer trapper to learn how to do it. Volunteers also are needed to transport cats to and from spay/neuter clinics. Please complete a TNR Volunteer Application. After your application is received, you must sign and submit a waiver.

Volunteers under 18 years of age are welcome. You can volunteer along with your parent. If you drive and have transportation, you can assist fellow TNR volunteers. Your parent/guardian must also sign the waiver.

TNR Foster Cat Program
In a small number of cases, there are super friendly cats that are spayed/neutered through the Friends of BCAS TNR program that we think might make good family pets. If you are interested in fostering one of these cats, please email for an application and foster agreement.