Hi!  I’m JUNIOR and I’m looking for my furever family!  I am 3.5 years young and medium sized at approximately 45lbs.

My friends at FOBCAS tell me that I’m a “sweet boy with puppy energy”. I am so eager to please, and very smart!  I lived in a foster home with three other dogs and we all became friends.  Well, the older grumpy one kept to himself (ha, ha).  

I am now living with my intended foster family (they were on vacation when FOBCAS pulled me out of the scary shelter so I stayed with other friends first) and they are thrilled to have me as their guest.  Add these two teenagers and their two resident dogs to my list of best buddies!

Photo Credit: Annmarie Young Photography

The shelter scared me a bit with loud dogs barking and being in my kennel most of the time and I started to (mentally) deteriorate by spinning in circles and hurting myself, so Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter (FOBCAS) pulled me out and placed me with my foster family so I could chill and get lots of love.  I deserve it!

I like the game called ‘fetch‘ (click to see me play!), but the people that play with me suggest that we use two different balls because they say that I’m clumsy and drop the ball sometimes.  After we play for a little while I do enjoy nice walks on the leash and then I’m happy to relax by your feet.

I am extremely affectionate so if you want to curl up on the sofa and snuggle with me I’m IN!

Junior and his first foster mom are in the video below where she describes him and the home that would be best for him.  Junior comes with four weeks of training with a professional dog trainer.  If you are interested in adopting Junior, please fill out this questionnaire and then email it to his foster mom at ginajuliano@me.com or jmo94pjo@aol.com  (his first foster mom).

View his PetFinder page here.

I am currently fostering and this boy has exceeded my expectations. He is crate trained, housebroken, dog friendly (check out the video with him playing with my dog), loves to play with toys, loves to play fetch. He is very smart and learns quickly. He knows sit, down, wait, watch, shake. He is learning drop and leave it. He is treat motivated. The best home for Junior is an adult only or possibly teenagers, and no cats, as it’s unknown how he would do with them. He came to the shelter because he nipped the kids in the home being crated. He has shown no crate aggression whatsoever, and sleeps in his crate for 8 hours at night without a peep. He goes in easily with treats. His adoption comes with 4 weeks of training. If you are interested in Junior or have questions you can message me or email me at jmo94pjo@gmail.com.

This video is of Junior in his foster family’s backyard meeting his foster sister, Jayda, for the first time in a play session.  They had been meeting each other through the child gates in the home and gotten to get familiar to each other at first.  Then the foster parents introduced them to each other while both were leashed.  This is the first time they really got to let their puppy energy out and have fun in the yard!  Junior (and Jayda) are loving it!  With any new pet to the home, it’s important to go very slow with introductions to make it a successful relationship.

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