• Weekends only
  • Any volunteer can provide tours
  • Kennels 1, 2, and 3 (blue, purple, and brown) can be toured
  • welcome the public to the shelter
  • only four people allowed on the tour
  • explain that kennels are very loud and recommend any questions be asked after tour
  • only tour kennels 1, 2, and 3
  • encourage the public to read the dog’s chart
  • if someone is interested in a dog, encourage them to take a picture of the dog and the face sheet on the chart
  • people should have control of their children at all times
  • touch the dog or put fingers/hands in the kennel (the dog could mistakenly think that they are getting a treat and accidentally bite)
  • allow children to run around the kennels
  • show dogs
Adoption Procedure
  • If a person is interested in a dog, direct them to complete an adoption application (available online or at the shelter).
  • If the person rents a home or apartment shelter staff members will call landlord and confirm that they are permitted to have a dog.
  • If the person has other pets, the shelter staff will call the individual’s veterinarian.
  • The individual should schedule an appointment to meet the dog. If they have a dog, they are encouraged to bring their dog so they can do a dog meet or they can schedule a time return to the shelter with their dog for a meet.


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