Can you help Squirrel have eye surgery so she can live a pain-free life?

Adorable Squirrel came to the shelter as a sickly, stray kitten in need of tender loving care. She had bad digestive issues and could not open her eyes all the way.

The Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter stepped up and found this little girl into a foster home and arranged for her veterinary care. Sadly, she was diagnosed with eyelid agenesis and needed surgery. Eyelid agenesis is a condition where part or almost all of the eyelid is missing. This means that hair can grow into Squirrel’s eyes, which is extremely painful and can lead to ulcers on her cornea and, ultimately, blindness.

Squirrel had surgery to replace part of her eyelids last fall. As happens in about half the cases, some persistent hairs grew back into her eyes, causing more eye irritation, so Squirrel needs to have a second surgery to live pain-free.

We need to raise $2,500 to pay for Squirrel’s surgery. Can you help us help Squirrel by donating today?

Any amount helps, from $10 to $50.

Your generosity will ensure that Squirrel heals and has a loving, pain-free life.

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