Lost Pet Tips

Don’t wait to act! The sooner people know your pet’s missing, the sooner it’ll be found. Lost your cat? Keep looking! Only 2 percent of cats in shelters are taken home again by their owners. Read below for tips on how to increase your chances of finding your pet again or download a brochure that you can print and keep with you:

Lost Pet Pamphlet (PDF)

Instructions for Lost/Found Pets in Burlington County

Residents of Burlington County, New Jersey should always contact the Burlington County Animal Shelter to file a report for all lost or found pets.

Spread the Word

You should report your pet as missing, share your flyer widely and check with local sources regularly. Here are more tips:

  • Search for your pet at all your local shelters, REGULARLY and IN PERSON!
  • Send of description of your missing pet to rescue groups, veterinarians, pet stores and community bulletin boards.
  • Give a flyer to all of your neighbors, local mail carriers and UPS drivers.
  • Post your flyer In the area your pet was last seen on telephone poles and other objects.
  • Post your flyer online, on lost/found pet websites or websites that have pets for sale listings (try Facebook.com and Craigslist.org).
  • Report your missing pet to your local police department (non-emergency contact) and drop off a flyer.

Create a Flyer

Flyers should ALWAYS include:

  • A large photo of the lost pet, in color if possible.
  • The date AND place the pet was last seen.
  • A contact phone number.
  • Some specific details to help identify the pet.

Your flyers should be large and colorful, with “LOST CAT/DOG” in a large font.

When You Find Your Pet

  • Don’t forget to take down your lost pet flyers.
  • Tell everyone who helped you that your pet has been found.
  • Get your pet microchipped and keep the information up to date! If your microchipped lost pet ends up at a shelter or a vet’s office, the pet will be scanned for the microchip and people will immediately find your contact information.
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