Lobby Greeter instructions

Greet all clients upon entrance to lobby with a welcoming, warm smile. You are their FIRST impression of our shelter, and it can make all the difference. Inquire as to why they are here.

If they only want to browse:

  • Dogs: Direct them to take a seat in the soft lobby chairs across from the “shower stalls” while waiting for the next dog tour.
  • Cats: Direct them to the community rooms for viewing, or check the adoptable cat room before allowing them to enter (no more than eight total people at a time in that room)

If they want to meet an animal, they must fill out an adoption application located in the lobby and hand in at the staff desk. If they arrive with an application in process or already approved, send them to the staff desk.

While people are waiting for tours or meets, and you have their attention, inform them about the foster-to-adopt program. They can essentially test drive a pet to make sure it’s a good fit. Also, please familiarize them with our fostering program. Answer questions and do outreach to build Friends of BCAS membership and promote upcoming events or other special activities.

If you greet someone coming in with a box of kittens, explain that the shelter is full and these babies would have a much better chance in a home, just for a few weeks, until they weigh 2 pounds and can be adopted. If they agree to foster, alert the front desk to fast track the kittens through intake and have them complete a foster application located behind the front desk in the first lateral file drawer as you walk behind the desk. Take a picture of the completed application and send it to Kim Sked (kims@friendsofbcas.org).

Assist people bringing in donations and providing receipts upon request. Carry donations left outside into the donations box, redirect anyone who asks about donating sheets, quilts, or open pet food. Bag quilts and sheets left and take them to wherever they are then being stored for pick up by Vets groups. Fold towels and small fleece blankets that are clean and in good condition. Put them on appropriate shelves in the laundry room. Bag anything soiled, worn, shredded, or broken and articles of clothing. Take them to the trash. Stack dog beds. Check with the office for guidance on what types of food, toys, and accessories should go on the shelves and what should be put on a cart for staff to take to the back. Help new adopters shop from the shelves and bins.

Thank you for helping our animals!!

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