Online Posting, Photography & Videography

Most people come to the shelter to look for a pet after first seeing an animal online at adoption websites such as and People also look at videos on the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter’s YouTube channel.

Posting information about animals online is a crucial part of getting animals adopted and done completely by volunteers.



This is the biggest and most important job. Posters collect information and photographs of the animals and then upload the information from home to various pet adoption websites. Posters can also forward their info to Home Posters who post the info online for them. Training is provided for volunteer posters.

Volunteers interested in posting must:

  • be very detail-oriented
  • have a digital camera
  • have photography and creative writing skills OR be willing to learn and take direction
  • be able to visit the shelter one day per week to gather information
  • be able to post animals and updates in a timely manner

Poster from Home

Home Poster volunteers receive pet information and pet photos from on-site volunteers and put the information on the pet adoption sites we use. Home Posters must be detail-oriented and be able to post on a regular basis and in a timely manner. Training provided!


Eye-catching pictures can make a tremendous difference in the adoptability of our animals. Photographers take pictures of the animals to be posted online. Photographers must have a digital camera, not a built-in camera on a separate device. Photographers are expected to have photographic skills OR be willing to learn and take direction.


We need plenty of help from volunteers who are able to create videos for adoptable pets. Skilled videographers and video editors are wonderful and very welcome, but we ALSO need help from people with basic skills, including people who only take videos with their phone. Even a short video is better than no video!


Handlers help our volunteers by giving the animals direction and allowing the person with the camera to get the best shots. Handlers should be comfortable with most dogs or most cats.


How to Start

All volunteers (except Home Posters) must attend a General Orientation class and a Cat or Dog orientation class.

After attending an orientation class, contact:

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