Volunteer Hours

FOBCAS is using Volgistics to track volunteer hours. Click the link below to log-in and record your hours.

Manage your volunteer hours

Need help? Contact our Volgistics administrator at volunteers@friendsofbcas.org.


Who Should Track Their Hours?

Any FOBCAS volunteer who has submitted a FOBCAS volunteer application, including anyone who volunteers on-site at the shelter (cat and dog volunteers, class teachers, office volunteers, etc), anyone who spends time working on FOBCAS projects and tasks at home (home posting, social media management, fostering, etc), and anyone volunteering off-site (events volunteers, transporting, etc), and more. If you aren’t sure if your volunteering task should be logged, contact our Volgistics administrator at volunteers@friendsofbcas.org.

We have not yet added support for BCAS foster volunteers who are not already FOBCAS volunteers (as of 7/17/15). To become a FOBCAS volunteer, attend a FOBCAS General Orientation and complete a volunteer application.


Why is Tracking Useful?

  • For you: FOBCAS volunteers are required to spend a minimum of four hours a month working on something to stay “active” with us. Tracking your volunteer hours lets us know you’re still around and contributing.
  • For us: We like to know where the action is! All of this data is useful to us in many ways, and helps us know what volunteering tasks are covered and what needs more help. It’s also a point of pride for FOBCAS to know for certain that each year our volunteers get more numerous and the number of volunteer hours they put in only get bigger.
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