March Cat Madness

Our first March Cat Madness tournament has come to a close! In quite the Cinderella story, the often underestimated Mount Holly Meowers dominated the court to earn Champion meowing rights in an unPURRcedented 15 to 4 victory over the heavily favored Medford Mousers. The Mousers star forward, Sugar, proved no match for the agility and cunning of the Meowers’ point guard, Munch.

Thank you to all who played along and cast their votes during our March Cat Madness tournament!

You helped us move closer to ending the madness of cat overpopulation. With your support, we raised $5,180 for spaying/neutering community cats. Two generous donors, who wish to remain anonymous, have agreed to match donations, bringing us to over $15,000 for our TNVR program.

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