Young Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter

Who We Are:

We are kids 13 and under who love animals and want to help homeless dogs and cats in Burlington County.

Our Mission:

To engage children in making BCAS animals’ lives more comfortable and fun as we work to get them loving, adoptable homes. We fundraise for dog and cat toys, soft bedding, good food, veterinary care, behavior help, exercise yards AND a kid of their own!
Even though we are young, we are old enough to help! See the 6 ABC news report on Young Friends

Ways YOU can help:

  • Sign up: [email protected]
  • Ask your friends, classmates, teammates, and all animal loving kids to sign up
  • Think of arts and crafts items you can make to sell to fundraise (decorate dog/cat cutouts etc)
  • Donate some birthday money to Young Friends of BCAS and let us know how you would like it spent: dog & cat toys, treats, vet care, etc
  • Join us at our table at events at the Burlington County Animal Shelter, with Friends of BCAS events and storefronts to tell people about Young Friends and why kids can make a difference for animals
  • Encourage kindness to animals and speak up for them

Did You Know?

Pet TIPS and FASCINATING Pet Knowledge (Updated weekly so keep checking back!)

Cats wiggle before they pounce to test that the ground is solid, to plan the pounce, and because it is a fun way to release excess energy

A dog is too tired to keep playing if his tongue gets wide at the top and starts curling up on the edges. Make sure any ball you throw is big enough that the dog can’t choke on it. Lots of leaping up to catch a ball can injure a dog so make sure to keep your dog injury free and stop before he is overheated.

A dog in pain may vocalize (bark, whine, whimper etc), pant in a different way, limp or favor one side, withdraw from owners or hide, act restless or uncomfortable, lose their appetite, respond aggressively when handled.
No. A begging dog that is well fed may be begging for attention instead of treats. Instead of treats give your dog fun attention: brush them, play a game of fetch, divide their normal meals into smaller, more frequent meals you can give several times a day, give them a new toy. If you give treats, try low calorie ones: raw carrots, un uttered and unsalted popcorn, broccoli florets.
What a person can smell at 10 feet, a cat can smell at 140 feet!
Drooling is part of being a happy cat that is enjoying the interaction with you! The cat’s eyes might flutter, too. You can tell a happy cat by their relaxed response when being petted!
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