Help create a game plan for shelter dogs

Fall has arrived, bringing with it football and other team sports. Just like teams need a game plan to win, shelter dogs must learn the right “plays” to be on “Team Homeward Bound.” Will you help us turn shelter “underdogs” into winners? We’ll do the coaching if you help us on the sidelines.

Poor or lack of training hinders shelter dogs’ adoptability and can result in returned adoptions. A generous donor has given $3,000 to get our training program off the ground. With your support, the Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter (Friends) hopes to match that donation. You donate and your impact is doubled.

Our goal is to purchase equipment (collars, leashes, treats, etc.) so volunteer trainers can organize weekly obedience classes for the shelter’s adoptable dog population. These classes will provide training, structure and routine for shelter dogs while they wait for their forever homes. Such a start builds a foundation of obedience for these dogs and creates positive behavioral patterns that can be reinforced when they are adopted. Proper training and dedicated people working with them, can truly be a second chance for these dogs. Just ask Chance!

Chance, a large and young Mastiff mix, was surrendered to the Burlington County Animal Shelter and did not do well in a kennel. On top of that, he had a very painful condition requiring entropion surgery on both eyes. Unfortunately, Chance came to the shelter right before it shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This Mastiff breed generally doesn’t do that well in the shelter environment to begin with; the pandemic compounded that. Chance sat idle for some time while the Friends could organize a surgery day for him. Sadly, he began to shut down and behave poorly, due to his painful vision and lack of mental and physical stimulation. This left him at risk.

Fortunately, a special staff member saw his true potential and kept her eye on him. Eventually, Friends was not only able to secure a surgery date for this guy, but also found him a foster home for recovery. Once we assessed his in-home behaviors, his true potential became apparent.

Chance was given a behavior evaluation at Alpha and Omega Working dogs. Subsequently, the training company agreed to sponsor Chance’s training, hastening his adoptability! A dedicated volunteer transported Chance back and forth from the shelter for training to keep his progress going forward.

Ultimately, a potential adopter emerged. The adopter first met Chance at the shelter and then spent time with him at the training facility to ensure a continuation of the boundaries and foundation that he had begun. His new family continues his obedience with daily 45-minute sessions. It has been an amazing match so far. Chance was finally given his true chance at life! Coaching and teamwork made him a winner.

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