Can you help Bear get healthy?

Bear was surrendered to the Burlington County Animal Shelter because of his health issues.

Bear had an extreme eye infection, as well as a severely matted coat, which was causing major health concerns, plus a mouthful of rotten teeth.

Bear's coat was so extremely matted and tangled that he was having trouble walking. His feet were layered so tightly with mats that he would wobble and often lost his balance when he walked. His ears were so severely matted that they were nearly closed up.

Bear's eye was infected so badly it was impossible to see if there were actually an eyeball in the socket initially. He also had maggots. He had lost much hair and skin around the infected eye.

As if all that weren't enough for one little dog to handle, his teeth were so rotten and painful that he couldn't chew his food and spit out much of it. It's heartbreaking to think how much pain this little sweetheart must have been in.

Because of all these extreme issues, Bear's medical diagnosis and outcome were not the rosiest at first. But once this little guy got some TLC, we saw his personality and zest for life shine through.

Bear needed MAJOR grooming, over multiple days he also needs blood work, eye medicine, antibiotics, and has to have nearly all his teeth removed.

Because Bear's medical bills are high, we've set up a special page for Bear to help raise money to pay for his care. Your donation to Bear's care will help him continue to recover his health in comfort and enjoy a special diet that is easy for him to eat and digest. Any amount from $5 to $50 will help us ensure that Bear is happy and healthy in his golden years. Thank you!

And if you have a second, please share the page on your social media pages -- every donation helps!