Can you help Rocky get rolling?

Adorable little Rocky was just four weeks old when he was found by a volunteer with the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter's TNR team. The tiny kitten had dragged himself out of the woods behind a car dealership to get to the food. Little Rocky was born with a congenital birth defect in which his back limbs are not connected to his pelvis and he cannot control his bladder. He's a messy little guy, but happy and well loved by his foster mom who says:

"He gets three baths a day that he enjoys tremendously. He also gets to go where none of my other cats go. He loves our daily dog walks and is quite content to be carried around in a baby backpack. Once he gets his set of wheels, there will be no stopping him."

Rocky is not yet big enough for a pet wheelchair/cart, which costs about $700. Given the severity of his paralysis, he drags his belly and back end on the floor. His foster mom depends on diapers to keep him sanitary. Unfortunately, as his body goes forward, the diapers go backwards. Poor Rocky ends up literally dragging himself right out of the diaper! Rocky needs reusable diapers that have suspenders to keep them on, but those diapers are costly at over $30 per diaper.

We've set up a special fundraising page to pay for Rocky's diapers and a pet wheelchair/cart. Can you help us get Rocky rolling? Any amount helps, from $5 to $50. THANK YOU!