Rescue Rewards Program

From 2015 and on we have decided to start paying qualifying rescue organizations a small gratuity for pulling BCAS cats. We recognize that our shelter would not be successful without rescues, so this program is our way of thanking and supporting rescues who pull adult cats from BCAS. The rewards scale upwards with the difficulty of individual cats, including increased rewards for sick or behaviorally challenging cats. Our hope is that this encourages even more pulls, and strengthens our relationship with our rescue partners. Qualifying for rewards is easy, and rescues must simply register with both BCAS as a cat rescue and with us as a participant in the program.

See the FAQ below for more details.

Basic Info & Contact Details

Contact Rescue Rewards Program Coordinator: Dee Lescure at

To Get Started:

  • Send us a completed "Rescue Rewards Sign Up Form" via mail or email.
  • Submit an "Application to Rescue from BCAS" and a copy of your 501(c)3 paperwork or similar paperwork either directly to BCAS or to us.
  • Take a trip to BCAS and take some kitties when you leave!

Rescue Rewards Documents

Rescue Rewards Program FAQ

Who is FOBCAS?

We are Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter, Inc., a non-profit organization. We were founded in 2011 as the Burlington County Animal Shelter's volunteer program. Our hundreds of volunteers dedicate their free time to improving the lives and the outcomes of our shelter's and our county's animals. You can learn all about us and our various programs and efforts online: and

What is this program?

We've seen year after year how critical of a role rescues play in helping shelters manage their animal populations. Our shelter is no exception, and in the past rescues have saved hundreds of lives annually by rescuing individual animals and creating empty cages in our shelter. We owe our shelter's success partially to the rescue community, and so we'd like to express our thanks in the best way we know how: We will pay qualifying rescues a small gratuity on a quarterly basis for every adult cat that is rescued from our shelter.

Why are you paying rescues?

Because we believe in the work you do, and we know that saving lives does not come cheap. While no single organization can afford to save every animal, we want to help enable rescues to keep doing the best they can with what they've got. On top of that, we know that it can be challenging to help rescue and rehome adult cats in particular, so we want to thank rescues that devote some of their resources to this challenge. More rescue pulls benefit our shelter, as well. The more rescues work with us, the less we have to worry about the needless loss of life due to overcrowding.

How does my organization qualify?

  1. You must be registered with and approved by the Burlington County Animal Shelter to rescue cats.
  2. You must be signed up to FOBCAS's Rescue Rewards program.
  3. You must rescue adult cats from BCAS.

So how much will my organization get?

We tried to design this program with fairness in mind, so we created a basic system where the amount of money you get scales upward with the difficulty of the indivdiual cat. Rescues will get anywhere between $5 and $20 per kitty they pull, depending on the individual cat's circumstances. Awards are not cumulative for individual cats; you will be paid the highest qualifying amount. Amounts may be readjusted without notice, but we will do our best to stay in contact with you about any updates.

So where does the money come from?

FOBCAS is fortunate enough to be able to work this program into our annual budget. FOBCAS is a non-profit organization which receives 100% of its funds from donations and fundraisers. We believe strongly in transparency. See information about our non-profit status and annual budget reports on our "About Us" page online:

What's the catch?

There is none. We are genuinely giving you a gratuity for rescuing adult cats from BCAS. We appreciate all you do!